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4.6 The wrapper directory

JIGS generates full code for the java wrappers into a specific directory, which we call the wrapper directory. By default, this directory is called JavaWrapper (or JavaWrapper_debug if you are compiling with debugging enabled), but you can change the name of the directory by simply setting the WRAPPER_DIR_NAME variable in your GNUmakefile. This is not very common.

To determine if the wrappers are to be rebuilt or not, JIGS keeps a stamp file in the wrapper directory.

Everything which is inside the wrapper directory is automatically generated - this means that

  1. you can always remove the wrapper directory without loosing anything, since you can always regenerate the wrappers;
  2. you should not edit or modify directly the contents of the wrapper directory, because when the wrappers are recreated, the content of the directory is destroyed.

Nicola Pero 2001-07-24