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6.3 Subprojects and paralell building

If you ever need to use subprojects in a parallel build, you need to know that, for backwards-compatibility, subprojects are built in the order they are specified, and are built before the rest of the source files are compiled.

So, in the example above of a tool HelloWorld with a Subdirectory subproject, the build flow to build the tool is as follows:

Step 0. Execute before-HelloWorld-all:: if it exists
Step 1. Build Subdirectory
Step 2. Build HelloWorld
Step 3. Execute after-HelloWorld-all:: if it exists

if you had more than one subproject, they would be built in the specified order. Most likely, they are independent though, and should be built in parallel. You can very simply obtain that result by getting rid of subprojects altogether and listing all files in the tool's GNUmakefile. This will also get rid of the intermediate linking steps for subprojects, speeding up your build even more.