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6 Changing the window attributes

In the previous tutorial, we created the window non-closable, and we set This is a test window as the window title. To do the same using GNUstep Renaissance, we just need to add the information as attributes of the window object in the gsmarkup file:


    <window title="This is a test window" closable="no" />


Every tag can have some attributes set; GNUstep Renaissance will read the attributes and use them when creating the object. The list of valid attributes for each tag, and their meaning, is included in the GNUstep Renaissance manual (currently being written); in this case, we have used the title attribute of a window, and the closable attribute of a window. Similarly, to make a window non-resizable you would add resizable="no", and to make it non-miniaturizable you would add miniaturizable="no".

Once you have changed your Window.gsmarkup file, simply type make to have the new file be copied in the application main bundle. After rebuilding, starting the application should use the new title, and the window should be created non-closable.