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3 Installing the Tool

To install the tool, simply type make install; you usually need to be root to install the tool on a system directory. The tool will be installed by default in the ``LOCAL'' domain, which usually means /usr/local/ in a Unix FHS filesystem layout, or /usr/GNUstep/Local in a traditional GNUstep filesystem layout. Which filesystem layout is used on your system depends on how GNUstep was configured on your system. You can change the installation domain as follows:
This will install the tool in your own user GNUstep directory (eg, /home/nicola/GNUstep), which doesn't require you to be root and could be a better place for testing. I often do this when testing my own code and programs, and it is very handy.

If you are packaging your tool and want it to be installed in the ``SYSTEM'' domain (ie, /usr in an FHS filesystem layout and /usr/GNUstep/System in a GNUstep one), you would do: